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Lavelle Monroe Scales was a native of San Francisco, California. At an early age Lavelle began to display a talent for writing and music. As his gift evolved over the years Lavelle began to record some of his lyrics and demonstrate his gift using a lyrical flow. Lavelle performed at different events in Northern California and could create a lyrical flow on the fly from just one word.

Lavelle Scales moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area in 2014 where he continued to exercise his gift by releasing his book of poetry, producing his music, and performing at various events. Additionally, after his move to Georgia Lavelle begin working for our faith-based nonprofit organization where he loved serving, creating healthy meals for children, and just helping people in need. Lavelle was a firm believer in nutrition and fitness and helped several people meet their health goals.

In memory and honor of Lavelle Monroe Scales, we are releasing this scholarship, so that his legacy and creative work will continue to live on now and into the future.

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